# Chapter 59 Marked

I locked the door behind me, put in my headphones, drew the curtains around my bed and got to work. The click of my fingers on the keys filled the room as I tuned into the pages and pages of reports from New Moon, Red Moon, and surrounding areas. I put them to one side of my screen and started looking for the vampire in any photo across social media, security cameras, and anything else I could get into.

But there was nothing. I worried my lip and looked over at the book about vampires. I pulled it to me as the rest of the case records started to load and my program continued to search.

I opened the book, flipping the pages, straining to read it. I flipped it around and pushed my power until I could just barely feel something behind my eyes and rumbling in my chest like my wolf waking up and growling down at the page.

I growled as my head began to hurt from staring at the page for so long.

There had to be some way to read this damn thing!

Before I could throw it aside. I felt something
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Candido and Armageddon just have to be the same person.

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