#Chapter 145 Cell

I couldn’t say how long it had been since I had passed out. My mouth tasted terrible, like bile and blood. I struggled to breathe in the cold air and shivered. The world spun again and I landed hard on my front on the hard cold ground. I tried to curl up then a light drifted over me. I looked towards it and squinted into the brightness of the white-blue light.

“Even children know better than to look into a light source,” Ian said with a clipped tone. The light shifted aside, illuminating him. “Honestly, you prove yourself to be dumber and dumber every time I see you

He was wearing something different. It looked expensive and old-world-like. It was nothing like the neat suits Candido wore. His cuffs were trimmed with silver and gold. There were sun and moon motifs in the tile behind him and between us was a line of sturdy black poles that looked like the door of a cell.

“You…” A cold air drifted in as my breath turned to

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Jessie Ashley Nico
will there be an update soon it's been two weeks or more
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My God she is insufferable. Just let her uncle kill her already and end the book w Candido getting there too late and he spirals and dies too and then the vampires win but give a back story that twists it all so we like the vampires and see the wolves were the real bad guys so we can end this shit
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