Chapter 14

Not only did Nicklaus casted Samantha a cold glare, but he also ignored her blabbering.

Glancing at his cunning son, he stayed quiet for a moment before he finally urge, "No, thanks. Hurry up and finish it then we will go home"

"Alright" Surprised that his father was not angry, Noah hurriedly picked his cutlery back and began eating up.

"Sir, can I continue to eat?" After glancing at the half emptied bowl, Robert averted his gaze to Nicklaus.

As Nicklaus skimmed Robert, he nodded and agreed, "Go ahead "

Grinning, Robert immediately picked up his plate to eat up without sitting down. He even drank all the sauce. At the same time, Noah was already through and he lifted his bowl to drink the sauce.

Sitting there, Nicklaus stared at Noah with his dark eyes, and there was no expression on his flawless face.

If he remembers correctly, this is the first time Noah is showing passion in eating, not to mention he was basically gobbling it up.

Meanwhile, Samantha stood behind Nicklaus like a ch
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