Chapter 41

"Alright please wait, I will call to confirm. If it's true, I will let you in immediately " The guard do not intend to make things difficult for Samantha but it was a routine check they had to follow.

With a graceful smile, Sam smiled, "Thank you "

"Salute!" Just as Samantha finished talking and the guards turned to go call Old Mrs Lancaster on phone, a loud command echoed in everyone's ears. Then all the guards stopped what they were doing, stood straight with their hands in a salute position. They also looked in the same direction.

Surprised, Sam looked in tbe direction where all guards are looking at and saw that not far away, eight black luxurious cars were slowly driving in this direction. In front of the convoy four police cars were driving in this direction.

Nicklaus had returned!

Her heart skipped a beat and she took a step back almost immediately and retreated to the road side.

The President's convoy slowly drove closer and stopped in front of the guardhouse. Nicklaus who was
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