Hrolf stared at the guard's body laid over the slab in his morgue. His hands vibrated with anger because although he had run after the figure he saw, he couldn't catch up with it.

A myriad of emotions swept through him. Why were strange things happening in his Pack? He was confused.

"Alpha, everyone is gathered." A guard walked in to inform him.

"I will be there soon." Hrolf turned to leave the room.

He opened the door, and everyone was already there, he greeted them and they did the same, and took a seat. He could see how sad they looked, they just lost another guard. Although they were trying not to show it.

It was hard for them. He lost a member of his pack again, he was tired of the frequent deaths.

He didn't want another guard or anyone else dying, he had to try hard to keep calm.

"We need to be careful, we don't know if they'll attack again. To that effect, I will start patrolling outside with you all every night" He added and the guards nodded their heads.

"Where's Cassie?" He
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