Ashina walked into her room, her face devoid of emotions, she had tried as hard as she could not talk harshly to Gael's Nanny because it wouldn't speak well of her especially when Gael was there. That will terrify him and she didn't want that.

"Urghhh," she ran a hand on her hair when she thought of Hrolf, some nerve he had, proposing love to her after he had killed her father.

She could remember that cold winter night when she had stood outside waiting for him, she had waited outside for him with her maids pleading with her to go in because the weather was cold and she kept running her hands on her skin trying to drive the cold away.

She had stood there, biting on her lips while pacing up and down praying for her father's safety. This had never happened before, her father was always home at the stipulated time that he had always given but that day was different. Ashina had refused to sleep because she couldn't get over the dread in her heart, no matter how hard she had tried she just
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