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"This couldn't have happened to anyone and you are not exempt from it, you shouldn't act like you are holier than I am, "Gasper said angrily to him.

" Do not compare me to yourself, you are filthy while I am not. You came here attempting to get Ashina back to yourself but still, you have disgraced yourself before even having the chance to have her in your life, how can you be so sly?"

" Fine, I messed up and I never intended to do such a thing, you should know that I love Ashina and I want her in my life, she is the one who will complete my life for me," Gasper said to Hrolf who chuckled out loud.

'' Hahaha, you want to talk about being seduced now? How can you do something like that? Looking for someone's excuse for all of your mistakes, why don't you own up to them just like an adult would?" Hrolf asked angrily.

"I know that I have messed up and I am promising you that it wouldn't happen next time," he said assuringly to Hrolf.

He regretted his action, he couldn't understand wha
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