Chapter 31


Manuel agreed to follow me when I told him I wanted to gather some sticks in the woods. I wanted to make sure we had secondary options for defense and those sticks would go a long way in helping us.

Even though I found it not okay to leave Rozeta in the cottage alone, I had no choice but to do that because I still needed her to get enough rest. She deserves it after all.

It didn't take too long since both Manuel and I set out before we found a path in the woods where there were enough tree branches that we could cut down.

We set to work instantly by climbing up the trees and breaking the branches one after the other. Not everything though. Only the ones strong enough to be used.

The task didn't take us too long and we were done in no time. What was left now to do was to gather the sticks and take them to the cottage where we would file them to make the edges pointy enough for penetration.

It wasn't much work because that was something we were already used to. Or perhaps I should
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