Chapter 33


It could almost feel like I was going up and down at the same time, so much so that it was making me dizzy. I couldn't even tell what position I was in but I was certain that it was affecting my whole being.

At first, it seemed I was galloping but then it changed to me being on a rise. I couldn't even make sense out of everything and my eyes seemed to not want to open no matter how hard I try to get them opened.

I give up on the task as I let the whole scenario I was in go with the flow of things. I didn't even bother fighting to open my eyes. I was sure that could change soon enough and that was my final decision on my being before I fall into a mode of complete unconsciousness.


"Rozeta!" The first call.

"Rozeta!" It was the second one from a familiar voice.

"Yes?" I quickly respond to that as I find myself balancing out to the newfound environment.

It was the same place that I woke up to a night ago. The same place where I found out what Dera looks like.

I couldn't see
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