Chapter Nineteen

Erika's POV

I take a deepest breath before entering my brother's room. His smiles and satisfaction greet me and I know my baby brother misses me so much, since his eyes sparkling into the dazzling light. He immediately embraced me and I did the same, his warm hug show me how my brother misses me so much and can't hold back my tears.

"Why are you late?" He asked.

I parted away from our hug and murmured, "I have to work hard to pay for your bills. I'm sorry if your sister didn't even call you or visit you often..."

"I understand, sis. Doctor Michael told me you're busy," he answered.

I gave Michael a smile and he responded with a nod, and I owe him my brother's life because he takes care of him at the same time treated him like his own brother.

"Thank you for looking after my brother, Mike."

"Not a big deal, Erika. He's my patient and like my brother. Besides, I promise you to looked after him while you're out for work."

"I really appreciate it. Uh, can you give us a minute?"

He nod
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