“You seem awfully suspicious of your saviour intentions. I assure you, Princess Laylin. Our King is a man of his words.” Mark began, with a wide roguish grin. She raised a brow at the boy who looked like he was hardly past his teens and was trying to be smart with her. “The King had been been generous to spare your little witch from absolute.” he rubbed it well on her face.

There was a rush of emotions circling inside her as Eloise thanked him profusely. Her hands grew clammy on her grip on her dirty cloak, feeling her body grow colder every second she had to spend witnessing this scene.

‘A man who set a price to his generosity is no man at all,’ Laylin bit her lip from yelling out loud.

Laylin tried to act as if she was amazed, but the smile on her face was stiff as she now turned to face the King.

“Is that what they are saying?” she asked slowly, her head turning jerkily before she fully faced the King to give him a respectable bow of her head in a mock thanks despite the deep boili
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