Chapter 71

~Lucien's P.O.V~

With every moment, I was growing more and more frustrated. The stress, anger and worry that was a never-ending wave crashing throughout my body was beginning to drive me mad. I knew how important it was to remain calm, cool and collected, it was the only way to ensure I was thinking clearly but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get to that state anymore. My personal feelings for Mila were just too strong for the perfectly trained mind of the guardian in me. I could only rely on my senses and Beau's mind to help with my rationality.

"Where could she be? I don't understand." I growl out in frustration as I slam my fist into the hard wall next to me.

"We have checked almost every inch of the Underworld... we know she isn't with Hades, and we know she isn't in any of his prisons or torture chambers... it only leaves one place." Beau replies coolly but I shake my head.

"That doesn't make sense! Why would he send her to Tartarus? That completely goes against anyth
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