Fallon POV

Bruce and I go into the back dining room. I look around, but there is no one with us. A table is set for us, and our food is waiting. I see the bloody mary and go straight for it. I need a drink. I begin to drink the bloody mary. I have never been much of a drinker, but right now, I need it.

"You don't turn 18 until next week. Am I right?" A rough growling voice says.

I turn to see a woman. She is thin and short. Her hair is long, and her face is covered. "That is right. I am only 17," I answer.

She moves closer. "Well, don't get drunk in my place and cause me to lose my liquor license," she says, laughing. I am not sure the supernatural has a liquor license or if anyone can get here that isn't special in some way. I nod while she laughs.

"I am Umbra," she says. She moves closer, and I can see her hair is white with small pieces of copper. She was once a redhead, like me.

"I am Fallon, but I guess you already know that," I say.

Bruce steps behind me as Umbra moves closer to
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