Rhea’s POV

“If you’re my curse, I’m the luckiest cursed son of a bitch in this whole universe”

How deeply this sentence burned through me in the most vulnerable place within me cannot even be described in words.

It touched the core of my heart and nestled itself in there forevermore.

It lit a match of fire back into me and the impossible thing I told him would never happen, happened. Scattered dead pieces of me sparked back to life. Reborn again from his vows and promises to me.

“I accept you here and now as my mate, Rhea. I’m not pushing for a mark here, we still have a long time for that and I’m not going to rush anything unless it comes spontaneously from both of us, whenever that may happen. I just want us both to be on the same page when we leave this room. I accept you, will you accept me back, or reject me?” he said strongly.

Hazel was whimpering in my head very emotionally, very affected by Adrian’s words as she begged me heartily “Please, Rhea. We cannot survive without him a
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