The moon had completed it's circle today, it was a full blue moon shinning brightly on Dark Knight pack.

Loud howls hailed from Dark Knight's alpha's castle, not just any random howls. Alpha Herrick ran through the castle as if he was being chased by some thing more bigger than him self.

He had just returned from his usual pack hunt when the news of his newly birthed heir got to him.

His happiness was at it's peak as he entered his Luna's chamber. Other werewolves in the room dispatched in twos and threes, including the midwives.

He stare at his wife with a new look and different aura that signifies proudness.

"I can't be any more happier than I am now." He said, sincerity laced in his voice as his eyes sparkle new respect for his Luna. After ages of longing for a heir, luck finally smile on him. The moon goddess was considerate enough to finally remember him.

"I'm glad you are, Alpha..." Luna Irene smiled weakly as she stared at the new life she birthed few hours ago.

"You did it, Irene. You finally gave me a reason to live more years as an alpha, you gave me a heir." Alpha Herrick gushed out in happiness as he ran his fingers through his Luna's cheeks.

The new little life's lips curled up in a smile as his mother's heart filled with gladness.

"I'm glad you did not give up on Me as your Luna." Irene said.

"Hmm..." Alpha Herrick nodded as he gaze landed on the new birthed life. "Hey there, little one."

"What do we name him, Alpha?" Irene asked slowly.

Alpha Herrick thought for while before a name came to his mind. "Herzl..." He blurted out. "Let's name him, Herzl."

"That's a nice name for a male child..." Irene nodded in support.

The little new life, as if he understand the situation he is in, smiled as he crystal blue eyes shone brightly before it change colour, each eyes bearing different colours from the other. His new parents were mesmerized by sudden change of his eyes colour.

Sea blue and emerald green...


Same Hour at Moonlit Pack


Nina's father coughed out blood from his mouth, he has not been himself since he lost his grandson due to his foolishness. His voice was croak as his whole body feels as light as feather.

His situation grew worst each passing day as he appear weaker and paler, unable to eat properly.

Hazel and her father stared pitifully at the old grand beta. The werewolf's best pack healer had treated him several time. Rather than getting better, he keep getting worse with no sign of recovery.

His wife had give  up on him including everyone in the pack as they patiently wait for his death, the old man himself is not excluded. He felt as  if he was been punished.

"I'm been punished by the Moon goddess for treating my grandson badly, I deserve to die a death more painful than his." He struggled with words as he cough out more blood again. "I'm not worthy of existence."

Alpha Rynd pretended to be sober at that moment, but deep down him, he feel no remorse what what he did a year ago. That rogue product deserves nothing else but de*th.

"You don't have to die for Herzl's death, you've been punished enough by the Moon goddess." Alpha Rynd said.

"I know what I'm saying, I've done lots of bad things to my poor Herzl." Nina's father shook his head slowly in disagreement.

"I pray every day to the Moon goddess for Herzl's forgiveness and I hope he forgives me..." He coughed his last and his body went numb.

He is dead....

Hazel had been mourning Herzl silently in her room, she blamed herself to choosing not to need a mate in the first place. She blamed the whole pack for Herzl's death as she felt she doesn't belong with them.

She couldn't run away because she's afraid of being an Omega. She never wished to be an Omega even if she wanted to be alone and far away from her pack...


Nineteen Years Later


Hazel stood proudly at the top of the mountain, the wind was blowing her hair backward as she instructed Moonlit warriors on the best skills any successful swordsman could muster.

Thirty eight years of age with out a mate, she had dedicated her time and age to be the best sword's lady since she vowed never to be bond with any wolf. Nevertheless, her face and body didn't age less as she appear as a young Lady in her early twenties.

She prefer to be a lone leader to lead her pack after her father's death.

A Female Alpha with no male to be superior over her. She crave power and dominance but she isn't power or blood thirsty, she only want to lead.

She has been the source of motivation to other female wolf in the pack who are also with out mate. Not having a mate doesn't make you worthless or a less privilege.


The Moonlit pack's warriors are tirelessly preparing themselves for the oncoming raging war from Dark Knight's pack, who find pleasure in hurting other werewolf pack members.

They are aware of the danger that is lurking around if they decide to lag behind.

No! Hazel can't stand the pain of her pack being ravage down into dust and ash like other pack. They will rather fight with their last breath and die a hero.

The sun was way too hot as it shone aggressively on the Moonlit pack but that doesn't slow them down any less, in fact it stood as a motivation to them...


Dark Knight's pack


Heavy wind blows as the trees bowed. Nineteen years ago on the same day, he was born. The blue moon will complete it circle again on this day.

But today, he is anticipating for some thing much bigger. Today, he wouldn't be tag any more as a mere wolf or an alpha prince but a wolf with huge rank bigger than any one else in the pack. A rank bigger than any other rank in the western world of wolves.

He would be crowned as the new Alpha of Dark Knight's pack and the new Alpha king of western wolves. His father died a year ago and his mother, when he was barely six. The pack needs a new Alpha.

"I'm feeling proud already, I can't wait to be Dark Knight's pack Beta." El, Herzl's childhood best friend and soon to be beta, smiled proudly.

"Hmm, look who is more excited than the next Alpha himself. Hope you are not planning on dethroning him soon...?" Herzl asked with stoic expression.

"Huh?" El's mouth hung in surprise. "What? I can never think of such, I swear on my loyalty." El crossed his arms over his chest.

"Hey, hey, hey. I was only jocking, okay?" Herzl's lips curved up in a friend smirk. "I know you can't think of such."

"The joke is way too expensive..." El smacked Herzl's shoulder. "Be careful on the type of joke you make this days."

"Yes, dad..." Herzl snickered with a smug expression.

"That's like a good soon..." El patted Herzl's shoulder lightly, wearing a dirty grin.

"Hey, are you in for a short sprint?" Herzl voice came up after few minutes of silence.

"I wish I'm in but too bad, I'm in no mood for sprinting today." El put on a frown. No matter how hard he tried, he can never beat Herzl in sprinting.

"Looks like some one is afraid of loosing today, huh huh?" Herzl said in a mocking voice but El cared less.

Seeing that El isn't bothered by his mock, Herzl snatch the new wrist watch El is holding.

"Hey, give that wrist watch back." El glared at his best friend.

  "Catch me if you can..." With that Herzl transformed into his wolf and ran through the woods and El was forced to transform too...

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