20| Accompany Me to Sleep Tonight

Axel is surprised to meet a woman he never expected to exist. He wanted to avoid her, let alone see Blair's unhealthy condition. The girl was still feeling nauseous. Axel quickly whispered something to Blair.


Blair could no longer contain herself. She puked all over Axel's clothes. The woman in front of Axel waved her hand and turned her face away in disgust.

Axel was sick of the disgusted look. He was still holding Blair's shoulder and whispering something. "Go to the toilet. I'll catch up with you. If you are in pain or having trouble, tell Carlos or Marco."

Blair immediately ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Axel's two bodyguards followed the girl according to the instructions from Axel's gaze.

"Is she your lover?" The woman standing in front of Axel stared sharply with a cynical voice. "You can only cause trouble."

"What business do you have here?" asked Axel. "Didn't the waiter in front say that I ordered from this restaurant?"

"I know. I wanted to know who was the
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