Your naked body

Even though she was annoyed with Davino, the next morning Safira was still preparing clothes for her husband. She has cooked breakfast for Davino but she still doesn't want to meet Davino. She was annoyed with Sarah's words last night.

.davino never came out of the room, Safira also peeked through the gap in the door. She had been shocked when she saw Davino struggling to put on a shirt. to Safira's surprise, the scratch marks on Davino's back when her husband was looking in the mirror. Davino even won at the pain in his back.

.Safira had sighed tiredly. So if that was the case, she would already feel guilty. It turned out that she had also caused Davino pain, she had been looking for medicinal gel on the nightstand near their bedroom door, and after finding it, she told Davino to meet her in the living room.

."Davino, hurry down to the living room!" Safira shouted.

After hearing Safira's screams, Davino rushed out of the room and walked down the stairs. .in the living room, Safira wa
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