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“Why are you here?!” shrieked Tina. She stared at Safira sharply. Her hands clenched tightly. There is hatred implied by the look in her eyes. After not seeing Safira for a long time, Tina was surprised to see Safira at the house of her daughter's future husband.

"I live here, Aunt," said Safira.

"What do you mean? This is Marissa's future husband's house! Don't say that if you seduced Marissa's future husband, the proposal wouldn't work," Tina accused. She would not believe Saphira's words.

“I've never flirted with anyone. It was Marissa who asked me to replace her,” Safira answered honestly.


Tina landed a slap on Safira's cheek. The slap was so hard that Safira hit her head on the door. Her anger peaked. Her suspicions have been proven. Marissa's husband-to-be had not disappeared as she knew all along but had approached or married another girl, Safira.

“You bitch!” she shouted. Tina folded her arms in front of her chest and said, “Was there no other man until you took
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