🏵 CHAPTER 25 🏵

The celebration was going on perfectly fine but Lena couldn't concentrate. Her mind couldn't rest after what Monica told her. What truly happened to her father and what does Eloise and Charlotte have to do with it?

She excused herself to the bathroom to calm herself and that was when she bumped into Eloise, Charlotte, and Jason. And when they started mocking and trying to humiliate her, Lena couldn't take it anymore and did something big without thinking it through.

She wrapped her hands around the cold man and kissed him. Denzel was taken back and his eyes widened. As usual, Lena didn't know how to kiss. She shut her eyes, nibbled, and sucked on Denzel's like a kid sucking on a lollipop.

The cold understood and ran his hand up her exposed back and held her neck. He pulled her in and took over in a slow, passionate kiss. Lena completely forgot she was only pulling off a show. A subtle moan left her lips and she pressed herself closer to Denzel.

Eloise, Charlotte,
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What will she do when she finds out that he is following for her

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