When I heard him say that "I accept you", I pulled away from him. "What are you doing in front of my house and what do you mean by, 'mate I accept you?' To the best of my knowledge, you and I have never crossed paths before so what the actual fuck is going on here?"

He smiled at me and was about to speak when a car pulled up in front of my apartment. It was at this point I noticed Alex's white Rolls Royce which was parked in front of my house.

The car that was parked beside the Rolls Royce was a Mercedes Maybach and the person who came out of the car was none other than Evans, my celebrity crush. "No way," I thought to myself as I rubbed my eyes to confirm that I wasn't dreaming.

Evans tucked his hands into his pockets as he walked sexily towards me and when my shocked eyes met his, he flashed me a smile. I stopped myself from squealing in excitement because Alex was in front of me. He turned and stared at Evans. The way they both looked at each other gave me a weird feeling. Were they enemies? I wondered.

I wouldn't be surprised if they knew each other since they were in the same social circle. Evans was rich, handsome, and highly sought after. It was said that girls swooned whenever he flashed them his million-dollar smile and others said he was a playboy. My favorite movies were the ones he starred in and I could watch them a thousand times without getting tired of looking at his handsome face.

But wait, what was he doing in my house? Before I could ask him that, I was hit with a pleasant scent. Just like the one that came with Alex but it had its appeal. My heart suddenly began to beat fast and I found myself getting wet under. What was happening to me?

Alex and Evans stared at each other angrily without a word until Evans turned his eyes away from Alex and stared lovingly at me. For a second, I felt as though I was going to melt. For some reason, I felt like inviting both of them into my house and going unclad so they could do nasty things to me.

However, I snapped out of my thoughts when Evans said, "beautiful angel, I accept you as my mate."

I stared at Evans in shock and before I could say, Jack Robinson, a Bentley pulled up right in front of all three of us. The driver parked beside Evan's Maybach and when he got out of his car, I felt weak in the knees. Matt, the renowned footballer, someone I never thought that I would get the privilege of seeing face to face in my lifetime.

He walked up to me without sparing both Alex and Evans a glance. Then I felt it again, the sexually enticing scent. My whole body was weak with desire for the three men in front of me. I had to lean on my door to stop myself from falling. My eyes kept moving from my left to my right as I stared at the amazing men in front of me one after the other.

Matt walked so close to me that we were only a breath apart. He took my hands, and tenderly kissed my knuckles and suddenly I felt electricity course through my body. I stared at Matt like it was the most natural thing to do and could not bring myself to tear my eyes away from him.

"I accept you as my mate," he said right before his lips came crashing down on mine." I felt a rush of emotions as I didn't want this moment to end. I wanted Matt inside me just the same way I wanted Alex and Evans to fuck me. I couldn't understand what I was feeling at this point, not until both Alex and Evans held Matt by the shoulder and flung him away from me.

I heard the thud sound when Matt landed on the ground and I suddenly came to my senses. I felt as though cold water had been splashed on me. I heard a growl and watched in horror as Matt angrily got off the ground ready for battle. Both Alex and Evans also assumed a fighting stance.

They stared at each other angrily, each ready to tear off the other's skin. Alex was the first to say, "the girl is mine. She is my mate and I've already claimed her."

"Wrong" Evans replied, "she is my mate and neither of you stands a chance against me."

Matt yelled, "fuck off you two. No one is going to keep me away from my mate."

I couldn't understand what was going on. Were they about to fight over me, the supposed monster who had just gotten dumped? What did they all mean by 'I was their mate'? And why the fuck will the three most wealthy and sought-after bachelors want to be with a nobody like me?

No, this wasn't real, I would have thought I was dreaming but the kiss I had received just now was so real. I saw them getting close to each other and finally realized something; they must all be playing a prank on me. Today was probably April fool's day and they thought that the best victim to prank would be someone who was already pathetic like me.

No, I wasn't allowing it. I slowly went back into my house as they began to charge at each other. I ran to my calendar and checked the date. It was July 7. I already knew we were in July but somehow I wanted to believe I was being pranked because what was happening couldn't be real.

After checking my calendar, I looked through my window and saw the three men throwing blows at each other. It was only a matter of time before one of my neighbors saw them or the paparazzi arrived. No, I wasn't going to let myself be in the middle of all this. I badly needed help since I couldn't completely trust myself to distinguish what was real from my imagination. The only person I had left now was my grandma and I needed to go to her.

I quietly sneaked out through my back door and began to run. Thanks to my newfound ability which I am yet to fully understand, I ran with so much speed without experiencing any form of tiredness or perspiration. I finally stopped when I arrived at the train station and quickly got a ticket to Upwey.

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