Anna's POV

I arrived at my granny's house and knocked on her door. It had been a good few years since I last saw her. Everywhere still looked the same though, the only difference was that I didn't feel like I was home. Perhaps I had been away for far too long.

"Grandma" I screamed the moment my granny opened the door. She enveloped me in a warm hug before letting me into the house. She seemed so excited to see me and I would have shared her enthusiasm if I didn't have so much weighing on my mind.

"I have been expecting you since morning," my grandma said, as soon as I sat down. I observed her for a while, wondering why she would be expecting me. She kept smiling at me and eventually took the words out of my mouth.

"You want to know how I knew you were coming right? Well, I know you turned eighteen yesterday and your body must have changed too. It's only normal for me to expect that you will run back home to find answers."

I stood up and stared at my grandma in surprise. On my way back to Upwey, I had worried needlessly about how I was going to tell my grandma that I had turned into a werewolf. I never knew she was aware all along which means that my body change was no accident, it wasn't caused by what I drank at the club and it wasn't my imagination.

"Sit down Anna," my grandma said to me. I will tell you the whole story."

"Hold on Grandma. Before you begin, I have just one question to ask. Are you a werewolf?"

My grandmother shook her head in response. "I wish I was but unfortunately, I am not."

"So I was the only freak?" I thought to myself. I folded my already sweaty hands and waited for my grandma to speak. After a while, she began, "Your grandpa, my late husband was one of the strongest werewolves alive during his time and his pack was the greatest.

He was mated to me even though I wasn't a wolf but we loved each other sincerely. We were based in Madison back then. Your grandpa had three loyal and strong betas under him among others but his enemies hatched a plot and they all turned on each other.

Your grandpa's enemies came after him because it was believed that he had the strongest werewolf bloodline and his descendants would turn out to be the greatest and strongest werewolves to ever live. Enemies from different packs all came together and hatched a plan against your grandpa.

He fought with all his might but with his strongest betas pitted against each other, your grandpa found himself at a disadvantage and lost his life in the process. I had to flee with your father and came to Upwey where I began my life under a new identity.

When your father turned eighteen, we realized that he wasn't a werewolf. He got married to your mother and they had you. When you were born, you came out with claws and you had fur all over your body. They disappeared after some minutes but we all knew then that you will grow up to be not just any werewolf but a unique one with special abilities.

Your grandpa's biggest dream was to unite his pack members even in generations to come. I let you go to Madison because I wanted you to be familiar with the place before you turned eighteen. Now that you have gotten your wolf, your special abilities will manifest gradually.

Your grandpa's enemies probably don't know about your existence but they can find out if you are not careful. Don't worry, eventually, you will learn how to change into your wolf form, and that is when you will be strong enough to fulfill your grandpa's dying wish.

I don't want to put so much burden on you so if you want to live a normal life then you are free to do so. You do not have to fight your grandpa's battles. If however, you are willing to fight, I will send you to someone important in Madison who will help you."

I placed my two hands on my head. The information I had just gotten was too overwhelming. This meant that someone or a group of people killed my grandpa and will most likely do the same to me. That was quite scary.

However, I was interested in getting to know what my grandpa wanted and how to achieve it. I was never opportune to meet him. Perhaps this was the best way I could feel closer to him.

"What do I need to do to fulfill grandpa's dream?"

My grandma stood up. "All these years, I have collected as much information as I could. You first need to find your grandpa's three loyal betas who now have their own packs and are enemies of each other."

She went into the room and brought two magazines. She handed them to me and when I opened them, I was shocked. The pictures of the three men whom I had encountered this morning were carved on different pages. I stared at my grandma in confusion and she said,

"Those three men are the sons of the three betas who once pledged loyalty to your grandpa. They are now the Alphas of their different packs but they hate each other. I know that this is difficult but if you can get close to each one of them and get them to make peace with each other, you will be able to unite all three packs and find out who our real enemy is."

I sighed, "I'm afraid this isn't possible grandma."

"I understand if you don't want to do it but why do you say something is impossible when you haven't even given it a try?" My grandma asked.

I hesitated for a while since I was ashamed to tell my grandma that I had craved three men at the same time. I decided to leave that part out and replied. "It's because all three of them showed up at my house this morning, claiming I'm their mate. I had to run away from them when they began to fight over me."

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