Alex's heart skipped a beat when he heard Anna's request. He had truthfully come to Anna's house just to talk to her but he never knew his night would end up being so amazing.

He held her face and pulled her closer as his lips crashed down on hers. They kept kissing each other as they made their way to Anna's bed.

Their lips parted and she unbuttoned his shirt quickly while he kept staring at her as his breath quickened. She placed her palm on his bare body and ran her fingers along his sturdy abs, making him feel like electricity was coursing through his body.

He closed his eyes as she went a little bit lower. She went on her knees, unzipped his pants, and quickly took them off. She moaned seductively when she saw his d*ck which had doubled in size and slowly took it into her mouth.

Alex gasped and lifted his face as he clutched her hair while Anna began to suck his d**k wildly and stroke it with her hands.

After sucking him for a while, Anna got up and pushed Alex backward. He fell
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