Alex threw his head back and laughed, "your imagination is amazing but contrary to what you think, I've always had to do things for myself because my dad wanted me to grow into the strong and capable alpha who would succeed him.

When I turned eighteen and couldn't find my mate, I was disoriented. My dad pressured me to take one of the betas in my pack and make her my Luna so I wouldn't seem so pathetic but I couldn't bring myself to do that.

Yes, girls threw themselves at me, both from the pack and outside, some because of my looks and others because of my wealth and status. I played around with one or two, nothing serious but, it didn't change the fact that I was the pathetic alpha without a mate.

Despite my pitiful condition though, my wolf had assured me that my mate was out there but was yet to get her wolf. This was what kept me going and having found you, I do not regret my decision to wait, even for a bit."

"I guess I am the lucky one" Anna replied happily. "For me, it was all
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