Chapter 31: Because you are stupid

Chapter thirty one

"Phfft..." Scott spit the coffee that he is in his mouth.

"Oh sorry, did my question scare you?" Sarah asked chuckling and giving Scott tissues to clean the mess he caused.

"No, I was just surprised, but why did you ask?" Scott said trying to calm down. He took the tissues from Sarah and started cleaning his mouth and the table.

"I was just curious" Sarah said.

"Yes" Scott said. His ears became red.

"Really? I thought that at your age, you must have been experienced.

"Well, here we are. Now focus on your food" Scott said sighing.

Sarah chuckled while looking at Scott then she continued eating.


X city hospital....

Ethan went to settle Jane's discharge papers while Alice and her mother were parking up her mother's things.

The door opens and the person they were not expecting to see came through the door.

"I can see you have been discharged" Samantha said.

"What are you doing here Samantha?" Jane asked as she frowns her face. Her happy mood has been dampened beca
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