Chapter Forty

Elena could feel the incredibly soft hair of his belly rub along her back. Her moans were low and almost tortured, but she was pushing back against him each time he thrust forward, so he knew she was enjoying this.

Damien started picking up the pace and her moans blended into an undulating scream. He was getting close. He started pistoning into her rapidly, pummeling her cervix with each stroke. She was reduced to grunting, her lungs no longer able to keep up with the demand of her screams. The strength of that beautiful body, flexing above her literally took her breath away. As he approached his own climax, he felt his knot start to expand. He started to pull back, when she growled.

"No! I want all of you inside of me!"

He didn't argue, it always felt better when he could lock up with his mate.

He thrust several times rapidly, making her hiss. Then he came, spurting into her, filling her insides with his hot liquid. His knot sealed them together, making it impossible for anything to
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