One Hundred - Thirty Two

"What did you do?"

Elenarepeated the scenario and her conversation with Rhoda. Then she told him what Rhoda had said.

"Look, mark, I know I've forgiven Wendy for what she did because we came to an understanding and I now know why she did what she did, but I just don't have it inside of me to feel sorry for Rhoda. I hope you can understand that."

Elena sat down in the chair opposite mark and looked at him hopefully. Mark had a dark look on his face and she knew he wasn't happy about what had all transpired.

"I know that I'm to blame for part of this, so I can't really be all that pissed at you for things that were basically out of your control to start with. I never thought that things would get so far out of control. I know you did what you thought you needed to do to protect yourself. When it comes to Faith's behavior, again, I can't really blame you."

"Damn it! So, you have been outed and by default, so has Faith, even when it's not true about her. If I weren't so worried about the
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