Vampire Cheat 7

The girl would enjoy it. Her body was built for sex, and even now her nipples hardened. Hope, like many troubled, young woman, had daddy issues. And the priest was very fatherly.

"What are we doing, Father?" asked Hope as the priest stopped the van on the shoulder of a deserted stretch of road in the middle of nowhere, Colorado.

Jezebel reached out and placed her hand on Father Augustine's then moved it to Hope's bare thigh. The priest squeezed her flesh and swallowed. Hope trembled and lowered her eyes as the priest, with the demon's help, stroked up and down the girl's sleek thigh.

No one rides for free.

"No one rides for free," Father Augustine repeated, his voice hoarse with desire.

Jezebel reached out and seized Hope's hand, pulling it to the priest's cassock over his bulge. She pressed her lips to Hope's ears and whispered, I understand, Father.

"I ... understand, Father," Hope murmured, squeezing the priest's cock.

"And there is only one way for a slut like you to pay," growled
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