In The Blood9

One more thing stuck out in his mind, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it at the moment.

An hour and a half later, Mike awoke and got ready for school. I'll just do today like any other day. If they want to come and get me, they can do it at their convenience. The school day went by without a hitch. After school, he spent the afternoon waiting for the attack to come. But it never did.

They must be messing with me. They're waiting for me to drop my guard... Unless they've already made their move!

Mike rushed to Lucy's house as fast as inhumanly possible. But instead of finding her there, he found nothing but the smell of fear. Lucy!!! Further examining the room, he also found the scent of the same warehouse he'd been earlier that day. I'll kill them!

Going Cold, Mike moved faster than ever, making it to the warehouse in a matter of minutes. Looking at the exterior, he saw that it had been taped off by the police. As he got closer, he detected Lucy's Pulse, it was wild and errati
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