Asia Mother

Now how does it feel to be a princess…,Max was making her think about her new role….

Asia you are now one of the richest women in your country… As my only daughter you have access to my entire estate… I would like to meet my new granddaughter..

I’m sorry she did not come with us on this journey… I will send someone to go retrieve her… As the daughter of a princess she will never be safe… She will also need protecting at all times… They took you as a baby I can only imagine what they will do to a young teen… She will arrive by tonight and we will all fly to see King Richard together…

My sister spies will soon inform her of us being reunited… This will only cause more problems for you Asia…

Max I think Mia may have known about my identity from the very beginning… If she knew then that mean Keith was also involved… When we go back home we must look into this situation… That would also mean they might know who killed my parents… My parents must had plans on returning me to my father…
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