Eros walked into the room, unbuttoning his shirt and to his surprise, Cassandra was tied up in his bed. He doesn't bring his sexual escapades to his room. The only woman he'd had sex with, in his room was Dimitra and it was only once. Looking at Cassandra tied up there, naked, with her arms and legs spread out and inviting, he felt his manhood swell. But he wondered how she got there and who tied her up. To his surprise, she had a smile on her face, a sexy smile that sent electricity running through his veins and he felt desire surge into him like a flowing stream. He stood there looking at her and when he opened his mouth to say something, she interrupted him.

"Isn't this what you wanted?" she asked in a sultry voice that made his shaft stand and threatened to tear his pants.

He could even feel it throbbing. The thought of filling her up debilitated him already. She smiled at him again as if she read his mind and led his gaze with her eyes from her face down to her supple breas
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