Cassandra was quiet throughout their journey back to the mansion. Eros let her be, only casting occasionally glances her way and wondering what must have gone wrong. When they got to the mansion, Cassandra went into the kitchen to get a glass of water while Eros went to his room. She was surprised to see Grandma Adella in the kitchen setting the table.

“You are back,” the old woman said excitedly when Cassandra entered the kitchen. Cassandra didn’t say anything, she just walked over and hugged the woman, who was shocked at first but slowly wrapped her arms around Cassandra.

“Grandma Adella, I am confused,” Cassandra said slowly, pulling away from the woman.

Grandma Adella looked at her and smiled, grabbed her hand, and led her to a stool by the island. “What is troubling your beautiful mind?”

Cassandra took in a deep breath, and her look became distant. “Eros...Eros apologized to me.”

Grandma Adella clutched her hands together with a bright smile. “He did?” Cassandra nodded. “That’s a
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