Chapter 6: My Baby Died and I Left With Hate

That night was the longest of my life.

Everything outside was cool and still, the snow settling upon the slumbering earth. Inside was a haze of bright pain and burning heat, from the ceaseless throbbing between my legs to the condensation dotting the windows. Agony raged through me, a constant I knew as well as my own name. I dozed lightly, too exhausted to stay awake and too full of adrenaline to sleep. A kiss of silver moonlight spilled into the room, brushing over my bent legs. Some might have considered it a blessing from the Moon Goddess; I knew it was a curse. Delirious with pain, I tried to roll away from the slanting beam of moonlight.

And then I heard them. The first cries of my newborn child.

My heart swelled. Groggy and broken, every shattered piece of myself joined back together as I heard that beautiful sound. Pulling myself upright and thanking the stars above that Daisy lived in the westernmost part of the pack, well away from anyone that could hear the screams of my ba
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Yesi Howard
Dam doctor stole her daughter

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