Chapter 7: Alpha Hunter Burns

Hunter's POV

I'm Hunter Burns, Rogue wolf and the Alpha’s son. I grew up in the Storm pack but, given the choice, I’d take being a Rogue any day. I hate all Omegas and my father, Alpha Dylan. Whenever I lost control of my life, it was because of them. I craved control.

Four years ago, I became a Rogue. Two years ago, I became an Alpha amongst the Rogues. I left my father’s pack, the Storm pack, at fifteen. Everything I’ve built since then has been because of me - not him.

My own pack thrived in the human world. Unlike the Storm pack, which shunned humanity, I chose to embrace it. My members and I were doing well; so well that we created our own business group, ‘R,’ where all my pack members work.

But we still needed our own territory back in the werewolf world.

So when my Beta, Carl Beck, told me that he was near the Storm pack and its Alpha was dying without an heir, I was shocked. I’d left him behind, hating him so much I’d never wanted to think of him, let alone see him, agai
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Aivy Gile
When would be the next chapters?

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