Chapter 9 My dream came true

Daisy’s POV

I’d never thought the Moon Goddess would make it up to me in such a way. The wood of the doorframe bit into my palm as I leant against it, watching Jane drive away. My heart pinched slightly at the sight of her departure. I thought I would be sad when she left, but no, I was happy she was leaving.

Now I had everything I’d always wanted.

I lowered my head and pressed a gentle kiss to the little girl’s forehead. She cooed; I tightened my arms around her. I would keep her safe.

“From now on, you are my daughter,” I murmured. “I think I’ll call you Ava. Ava White,” I breathed. “Hi, sweetheart. My little Ava. I’m your mommy, Daisy White.” I grasped her tiny hand in mine, and I knew what love was as her minute hand curled around my index finger.” So nice to finally meet you.”

“I’ll tell everyone that someone left you on my porch,” I whispered, peppering her little face with more and more soft kisses. She had huge blue eyes, but I didn’t think anyone would associate her with Jane
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