Chapter 11 His Little Girl

Jane’s POV

I tried to run, but my body was frozen to the spot. I couldn’t move.

My mate, Hunter Burns, looked straight at me. My heart thundered in my chest; my mouth went dry. Then he started walking in my direction.

I tried to wet my dry lips as he neared me. He was as handsome as I remembered – no, even more so. He was perfect. Still rigid with fear and excitement and terror and shame, all balled up into one, my heart leapt up into my throat.

Then I heard my two boys’ voices.

“Mommy! Mommy!” They grabbed my hands and shook them.

No. I couldn’t let him know about my darling snow angels. My sweet baby boys. They looked exactly as Hunter had when he was younger, with their dark hair and wide blue eyes. I couldn’t let him see them. I had to stop him.

Squatting down, I took them both into my arms. “You have to run,” I whispered. “Run, boys, run! Do you remember what I told you? There are bad people here, bad people that want to take you away from Mommy. You have Aunty Rose’s phone numbe
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