Chapter 13 I Became His Beta’s Mate

Jane’s POV

His cold hand rubbed my neck. He held his hand there, tightening it slowly. “Your boys,” he murmured firmly, his brown eyes locked on mine. Those eyes spoke a thousand words – and a thousand threats.

I swallowed hard. What choice did I have? After a pause, I nodded slightly at him. Instantly he released the pressure on the back of my neck. It hadn’t been hard enough to hurt, but its meaning had been unmistakable.

“Carl?” Hunter’s cold voice cut through the tension crackling in the air. I glanced over at him. His eyes were boring into us both, fierce enough that I could’ve sworn I saw the flickering of flames burning there. A muscle ticked in his jaw.

“Hi, Alpha.” Carl grinned at him easily. His lips left mine, but his arm tightened around my waist possessively. Helpless to resist him, I let him touch me as he wished. “I found Ava. She’s right here.” He jerked his chin in the direction of the children.

All three of their little mouths dropped open. Staring up at us in surpri
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Amy and Carl are for sure Mates and that’s his baby.
goodnovel comment avatar
I'm wondering the same thing. They are supposed to recognize their pups.
goodnovel comment avatar
Sophia Martin
I think amy is pregnant with charl child why can't hunter recognise his children

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