Chaper 15- Hunter kicked us into a lake

Carl and I ran frantically to my children, I have never hated Nina so much, why didn't she ever show up again?

Even though I was carrying all kinds bottles of poisons, I still couldn't protect my children.

This was the street of a human city, werewolves were not allowed to shift in such places. But Carl was also a lot faster than me.

Then when I reached the location of their accident, only Rose fell aside to ice cream stall, three children had disappeared, and there were a few drops of blood on the ground.

My heart had stopped.

"Rose!" I ran to Rose's side and quickly checked and found that she was just knocked out.

I pulled out my cell phone to call "911" and Carl grabbed it out of my hand, "Don't, the human police won't help us."

I was freaking out, "WHY?"

"Don't worry, Gamma will bring someone to take Rose to the hospital. "

"But what about my babies? We need the Cops." I tried to take me phone back.

"Last year Hunter did not go through the law process, directly killed those who k
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At this point, I would have found my boys and time to run or leave again. Love this story. Would love to hear Reg's monolog or thoughts. He's funny

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