Chapter 2: The day of my Alpha ceremony.

*** Nora's POV***

3 years ago.

My name is Nora Blackwood and I am 18 years of age. I am the only daughter of Alpha Benedict Blackwood and the future Alpha of the Blackwood Pack. Today is supposed to be the best day of my life.

Today is my Alpha ceremony. That day, that happens once in a lifetime, but I am not happy. I have no one to share such a happy event with. I have a family but I felt like I was all alone. My pack treats me like crap. Alphas from other neighboring packs think I am weak and do not deserve this position since I am a young woman.

They believe I don’t deserve the Alpha title. They don't truly know what I am capable of. I just wish I could give them what they want. But what can I do? I am the only child and it's a rule in the werewolf community that all Alphas have to hand over their titles to their next in line when they turn eighteen.

Since I am the only child of Alpha Blackwood, that responsibility falls on me.

So here I am, walking to the backyard where my alpha ceremony will be held. I was nervous as fuck. The moonlight shines in the stairway as I skip the stairs on a four-inch sandal heel.

I walked to the entrance of the backyard when I heard two people talking in a shushing voice at the left side of the door. I moved closer and stopped in my steps listening in on their conversation when I heard my name being mentioned.

“Are you about leaving your years of sweat and your legacy in the hands of that weakling daughter of yours?” A shush deep manly voice asked.

“You know my friend, if it was left to me, I would have preferred a son over a daughter, but the moon goddess cursed me with a daughter,” my father said in distaste and sighed.

I covered my lips quickly, suppressing my gasp, I stood there not quite believing my ears. I felt my heart break a little because of my own father’s words. So he wanted a son instead of me? And he thinks I am a curse? I clenched my hands tightly on my blue flared dress when I heard his next words.

“You remember I told you some time ago that when she was conceived, I promised her to Alpha Elias' second son, Mason.” My father asked.

“Yes I do remember, what about it?” the other man stated in agreement and asked at the same time.

“I have to make sure that promise comes to pass. After her Alpha ceremony, I will get her married before she destroys my pack with her useless and clumsy self. I can’t sit and watch that stupid child ruin my family legacy, so I would rather leave my pack in the hands of an outsider.” My own father spat.

I felt my blood turn cold and felt like chilled water had been poured over my entire body.

My wolf Nelly growled in my head.

” We will never marry anyone who is not our mate. NEVER” she snarled.

I inhaled and exhaled, trying to control my shaky legs. I mustered my courage and stepped through the open door with a cold demeanor on my face. I clenched my hand tightly, walking out emotionless. I refused to let any of these people hurt me. I refused to give them the satisfaction of seeing me hurt.

The moment my father and his so-called friend saw me, their eyes bulged out in shock. I did a victory dance in my head on seeing their expression.


His friend cleared his throat as I shifted my cold eyes to him.

“ mmm.. Nora, my child, when did you get here?” my father stammered, attempting to smile, which he was finding difficult.

“ What the fuck is wrong with this man?” my wolf, Nelly screamed. She was going nuts.

she wanted to come out and deal with the two pieces of shit in front of us.

Moments like this make me wonder if he was truly my dad. I don’t remember when he started changing from the sweet father to this bitter and uncaring man I see standing before me. I seriously couldn’t believe my own father and blood would insult me and embarrass me in front of his friends.

I stood there with no emotion on my face with my lips sealed. I gazed at my father and his companion coldly.

My father scratched the back of his neck in nervousness as my stare remained on them.

“Is something wrong, father? Were you doing something bad?” I asked innocently, waiting for his reply.

“Ooh, no child. We are just having an adult conversation” he replied, not meeting my eyes.

“ Then why are you agitated? Why are you behaving like a little boy who has been caught gossiping about someone behind her back”, I queried with a curious face, pretending I didn’t hear their conversation.

My wolf giggled.

My father’s eyes widened and quickly covered them, saying,

“ It’s nothing like that, dear. Come, I'll start your ceremony. Since you’re here”

He avoided my question swiftly.

Hearing my father saying it was time for my Alpha ceremony. My courage disappeared and nervousness filled my being. I could hear my heart beating against my chest. I swallowed dryly and followed my father.

The backyard was filled with our pack members and members from neighboring packs. I could hear all their insults as I followed my father through the crowd.

“ She is a weakling. You look at her. She is just tall like a tree for nothing” someone said.

I suddenly became conscious of my surroundings. I nervously rubbed the sweaty palms on my blue dress.

“why can’t her father marry her off to an old Alpha?” another person said.

My wolf growls at the statement.

“ She will be the doom of this pack” a female voice sneered.

Anger slowly rises in the depths of my chest. I clenched my fist tightly walking after my dad.

“what was Alpha benedict thinking? We need a strong male alpha, not a weak female”, a male voice said behind me.

I could see the repulsiveness and hate in their eyes but I did not shiver. This has been going on for years now, so I have almost gotten used to it.

“Yes, we need to pack our bags and run from this pack before death comes to us all” a female responded.

“This pack is doomed if she is made Alpha” a male stated in the crowd.

“This pack would be a joke if a female was made an alpha,” said a male voice.

I kept quiet through all this, walking to the podium. For a hundred times in my existence, I wished I had an older sibling or brother to carry all this burden. The pack would at least accept him, since he would be a male. I know the pack hated me and they will never accept me, a female, as their leader.

“Don’t you dare think of backing out” Nelly, my wolf yelled through the link. She knows I am debating on what to do.

“I might not be a good Alpha like these people claim. Why don’t we just leave this toxic pack and start all over somewhere else” I spoke

“Just shut up and stop talking nonsense. This is our destiny and birthright. We can do this” she rumbles.

I just nodded, lost in my thoughts when I was tripped by one of the people. I fell on my butt painfully

" ouch" I groan

“ Weakling” a male shouted and the crowd burst out laughing.

I looked up from the ground and saw the disappointment in my father’s eyes, but I did not care anymore, I knew he was of the same view as them. I just closed my eyes and whispered to myself inwardly.

“Nora, this has to stop; you have had enough humiliation to last you a lifetime.”

I have had enough of their insult, judgment, and their verbal abuse. This has to stop now. That moment, I promised myself never to allow anyone to belittle me and make me feel unworthy.

In a split of a second, I felt consumed by energy, a fire was burning within my veins and my blood was boiling.

" That is the spirit. Show all those bastards what we are truly made of" My wolf cheered.

My eyes flipped open, I got up speedily and grabbed the chin of the man forcefully. He whines in pain. I gazed down at him with fiery eyes. Fear flashed in his eyes as I squeezed his chin with my nails, breaking his skin.

“How dare you touch me!! you cow” I roared into his face.

The laughter of the crowd ceased as the man was now trembling in fear. The crowd watched me in shock because this was the first time I had reacted to their abusive words. Some had their eyes widened in shock and others had their jaws dropped.

“ I ….I” he couldn’t speak.

I threw him onto the floor and glared at the crowd with a murderous gaze. The crowd shivered in fear and stepped back a little. I smirked at their horrified expressions.

I felt something snap within me and I turned to walk to the podium. I stood by my father as he spoke.

“We are gathered here today to witness the alpha ceremony of Nora Blackwood. If anyone is against it, speak now” my father said, looking down at the crowd who were busy whispering among themselves.

I glanced at the pack members with a dangerous look and cold eyes, daring them to talk. They trembled under my stare and no one dared say a word,

“ Good if we all want her as our Alpha, then let's continue the ceremony” My father announced.

He took the sacred silver knife and slit the skin of his palm and a small amount of blood trickled out.

I took the knife from him and cut my palm. We clapped our cut palms together, our blood mixed and immediately, I felt power in greater fond surge through me. I began to shake my feet and a strong Alpha power flowed out of my body into the air. The whole place became tense and darker as the crowd, including my father, went down on their knees chanting.

“ Alpha!!….. Congratulations Alpha!!!! Congratulations!!”

Everyone submitted to me.

I smirked evilly at my dad who was on his knees fighting against my Alpha aura.

From that day forth, my Alpha ceremony became the talk of the town in the supernatural realm, since no Alpha has ever bowed to another in the history of werewolves. And this time I was not just any other Alpha, but a female Alpha who was known as a weakling.

After my inauguration, I started training hard both day and night. I changed some of the outdated rules of the pack. I made sure all the pack members were comfortable. I trained hard beyond my limit and became ruthless. I go on a rampage and kill any wolf, intruder, or rogue that crosses my pack land. Slowly, I gained the respect of my pack members and the neighboring packs. My pack started trusting in my abilities and capabilities.

I gained the name the ruthless Alpha female two months after my Alpha ceremony. Now, in all America and Europe, I am known as one of the most dangerous Alphas.

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