Chapter 6: The Vampire Hunt.


My name is Leonard Korun, I am a nineteen-year-old werewolf from the Crescent pack, a small pack in Florida. Both my mother and father were the betas of the pack until my father went missing three years ago. Rumors around the pack are that my father ran away because he was ashamed to have an omega as a son.

Three years ago, when my parents found out I was an omega after I shifted for the first time on my sixth birthday, they were shocked because never in history had two betas born an omega. The lowest on the ranking system of werewolves. My father was ready to go high and low to find out what went wrong with my transformation and why I shifted, and gained my wolf two years earlier than the expected time.

So they took me to several witches to find out what went wrong with my wolf, but to no avail. Months later, my father disappeared and the best trackers in the pack couldn't find any trail of him. It seems he vanished from the face of the earth. Days after my f
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If vampires are free to hunt any wolves they find in the forest on this night, why would a pack border stop them? Or really mean anything to them since vampires aren’t wolves? If they can’t cross pack borders, why is everyone in bunkers instead of simply staying inside pack boundaries?

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