Chapter 9: Father of the year.

***Nora's POV***

My father has an angry look on his face as he strode into my room. From his facial expression, I knew he was bringing trouble my way or he was about to cause a quarrel between us. They say fathers and daughters are supposed to be best friends, but my father and I are like fire and ice.

Yeah, we were like every father and daughter out there until a few years ago, his attitude towards me started changing. Our relationship got a lot worse three years ago when he suggested I mate and marry Mason Stanford, the second son of his best friend, Elias Stanford.

The former alpha of the blue moon pack. And since I wasn’t in agreement with his plans for my life, our father-daughter relationship went down the drain. Now we are more or less like fire and ice.

“ What am I hearing that you have brought a rogue to my home and pack?” he screamed.

Ooh boy, here we go again.

“Can we go out and talk like two civilized adults?” I said in an unusual calm tone. Since I didn’t
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That was the best response ever to a ridiculous arranged marriage. “Why don’t you marry him?” Hehe

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