Chapter 14: Secret

***Nora’s POV***

When I heard Leo’s light snore, I walked over to the bed. I drew the bed cover over him and lied beside him, staring into his face. I had no idea I had this side to me. After what I've been through with my family and pack, I never thought I'd be able to be gentle and sweet with someone .

I sighed.


My Leo...

My mate is the most handsome man in the universe. I can't believe I have found my mate after being mateless for three long years.

how come I felt the spark and electricity just once?

One thing is for sure, there is something wrong with our mating bond.

"What are you not telling me, moon goddess?" I whispered, in a hushed tone.

"Why do you keep on confusing me?" I asked another question.

I breathed out another sigh.

Is this how it feels when you find your mate?

It took so much self control not to jump on him and ravish him with kisses. I felt like possessing and dominating him every chance I got.

My mind flashed a picture of his n
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will it looks like you are too late and also you need do watch your back if your servant didn't obey then he can harm u to

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