Chapter 18: Unleashing the beast of Blackwood Pack

***NORA’S POV***

Once I arrived at the training ground, I roared out an order,"50 laps in human form now,"

"Yes Alpha," the warriors replied and bowed in unison.

They comply by jogging not far behind me. I splinted in full speed with my warriors. Even in my human form, I was faster than warriors and other high-ranking wolves who had been training for years.

Remembering my mother’s remarks made me furious.

When are they going to change? When will they prioritize me over everything else? They only care about their reputation. Now they want me to give up my happiness in order to appease the elite of society.

Fuck all of them!!!.

I continued running.....

None of my men complained about my training methods after I created a special bond with them three years ago. The warriors are well aware of my strict training methods and how they have made us stronger as a pack.

Ever since I became the Alpha, the Blackwood pack has gained a reputation in America as one of the m
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