Chapter 61: Arrivals

***Nora's POV***

The early morning breeze and sun caress my skin and face, drawing me out of dreamland. My eyes flickered open and adjusted to the brightness of the day.

I sat up on the uncomfortable couch, stretched, and yawned. Before glancing around to find everyone in deep sleep on the couches in the living room.

“ You guys shouldn’t have slept here “ Josh whispered, standing in the middle of the room with his arms crossed over his chest and a neutral expression on his face.

“ Are you fine? We heard your growls throughout the night“. I removed the blanket and got off of the couch, striding to him.

“ I will be…” he uttered.

He looked dirty, sweaty, and tired. His eyes were empty and bloodshot. His skin was pale and it was obvious he didn't sleep last night.

He wasn’t his usual self.

“ What do you want us to do to her?”

He exhaled after a short time and spoke “ I can’t watch her die, Nora. I have loved her within this short period. My heart
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