Chapter 63: Red Moon II

***Nora's POV***

"The Red Moon!!!!"

The pack members were trembling like leaves on a tree during a storm. Thunder was striking nonstop. From a distance, we could hear ear-piercing howls from werewolves. A gasp of panic controlled the senses of the pack members.

I stood in place and my golden wolf eyes glowed in the night.

"Fucking shit!" Alpha Hayes grumbled, running out.

At the same moment,

I expanded my aura through the dark backyard and growled, dominating everyone. They stopped in their movement and a pin-drop silence fell in the area. Some were whimpering and others were hiding under tables and in the bar.

"We don't have time for this! Everyone, get into the bunker now." my voice was firm and filled with finality,

"I will direct them", Vincent chipped in and the high ranks controlled the situation and directed them into the house.

I sighed in frustration.

"What do we do now? We haven't planned anything yet? How will we save Leo's father?" Alpha Grey so
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