Chapter 64: War of Fate I

***Nora’s POV**

I got back to work when the meeting room cleared out. I was lost in my mind thinking of what we had missed during our plan when my mate’s voice called me out....



“Please let’s go rest for a while....You look tired”

I furrowed my brows. “I’m not go ahead”

He chuckled “ look exhausted. You even have dark circles under your eyes.” he sat on the desk and raised my chin to him.

“There’s a lot to be done," I complained.

“How are we going to win if you're too tired to fight?” he asked and I didn't find a comeback.

“We will finish up later”. He didn’t leave room for protest. He bent down and picked me up in bridal style.

“Leo, I will work for a few more hours. Then take a rest”

“No. “



“Leooooo!!!”I tried pushing him off but his grip became firmer and stronger. I pouted my lips in defeat as he carried me out of the office.

I prayed internally for the hall to be empty, but no, it wasn’t.

“ What are they s
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