Chapter 65: War of Fate II

***Derrick's POV***

A sinister smirk grew on my face as I made my way to the front line. They underestimated me.

They thought their little trick with the landmines would bring me down. I snarled. I had prepared myself for this battle.

Even after losing over five hundred men. I have a thousand more to fight for me. Today will be the beginning of my reign. After, I kill Ryker and her mate. All the power will be mine.

I smell my victory in the air.

“Long time no see Ryker…at last, we met after three centuries on the battlefield. “ I said with a smug look.

He scoffed “You look like shit as always. “

I laughed, brushed him off and shifted my eyes to the beautiful woman standing beside him. “so beautiful up close Nora blackwood.”

****Nora's POV***

My mate and warriors growled in reply.

“Cut the chain, Derrick, and let’s get this over with.”

“A...a…aaaaa Not so fast, Alpha Blackwood. The battle will begin when I say it should. “ he gritted his teeth.

“How ab
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