Chapter 66: Light at the end

***Nora’s POV***

I was fighting three vampires at a time when I felt a long-lasting pain in my my heart.

“ Mate !! Nora, mate is hurt.”

I frantically turned and.....

Time stopped for me. My eyes widened in shock at the horrific sight.

“ I'm sorry Nora..... I love you”, his words stung my chest. Tears roughly streamed down my eyes.

I watched with terrifying eyes as blood gushed out of my mate’s chest as his body was lowered to the floor.

Everything was in slow motion around me and my body stilled as a rock as I watched him writhing on the ground.

Coughing out blood. My heart was in an uproar and my lungs were constricted. It has lost the ability to receive air.

I snapped out of my daze and a powerful scream rang out of my painful throat.


Nelly howled and pushed forward as we fused as one.

Everyone went immovable and Lilly and Vincent let out a roar.

followed by my father and Ivan. They ran toward Derrick and attacked him.

I roughly b
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