Epilogue: Just the Beginning

***Nora ‘s POV***

A month later

A month has passed since the war. Since I held my mate’s lifeless body in my arms.

A lot has happened after that. In the last four weeks, we have rebuilt our pack.

We have also grown as a pack. The rogues who sought refuge at the time of the war joined our pack. Elyssa has also moved permanently to the Blue Moon Pack to be with James.

Dave had finally mated and marked Ava. His human mate after he broke the news of our identity to her.

Maggie and Josh. Well, they have started working on their relationship, but there’s still a long road ahead of them. Maggie’s little girl, Lisandra, was brought to the pack the day after the war. She was the sweetest and cutest little thing. Josh fell in love with the little cutie the moment he met her and fell into the role of fatherhood.

My father and I are still working on our father-daughter relationship. But my stepmom, on the other hand, ignores my existence completely, which I’m g
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Thank you Meyaa, this was a fabulous book I loved reading it
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