Snatched By The Alpha
Snatched By The Alpha
Author: Natie

01~ Enslaved Luna

Hello lovely readers, Author Natie here.

Thank you for giving my new book a chance. I would like to give a trigger warning. This book contains mature content such as violence and sex and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18. This book is a work of pure fiction and I don't condone any form of violence. 

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Adrian edged to me slowly, his lips curling into a crooked smile that sent a nervous tremor through me. 

“Have you learnt your lesson, my beloved Luna?” He asked, his tone laced with mirth as if he was a normal person and not a monster. But I knew better. 

I shrank my neck, scooting away from him and burying my head between my knees. It was unlike him to look so calm. What was he up to?

“Are you afraid?” 

His deep voice sent an eerie shiver down my spine and I trembled from fright. He had just given me a good beating an hour ago. Was he going to do it again?

I heard his footsteps advancing toward me and I dared not look up. My heart was beating fast and hard like a drum. 

Please… go away. 

Goddess, if you really do exist, please do save me this one time. I promise to be good and worship you every day. 

 I couldn’t take another round of his beatings. My ribs were hurting already. The wolfsbane in my system burned me from the inside out. I felt like I had been thrown into an active volcano. 

Alas, Adrian managed to reach me despite my desperate prayers. When did the goddess ever answer my prayers in the last five years anyway? Was she even real?

If she was then she was doing one hell of a job not protecting her children. 

Adrian grabbed a fistful of my hair and raised my head roughly. Pain jarred through me from the roots, traveling all the way to my toes and I tried not to wince. Crying out in pain meant more punches to my stomach. 

“Answer me! Do you want me to punish you again?” 

I glared resentfully at the man who has made my life a living hell but I didn’t say anything. I had come to learn that keeping quiet would earn me fewer punishments. 

He would usually make me his punching bag for a while and leave me with a few bruises. But if I retaliated, I would have broken bones and loose teeth by the end of the day. 

 There was a time I would speak back. I would get beaten to a pulp and couldn’t leave bed for a week. 

He never touched my face though. He said he didn’t want to destroy my beautiful face. More like he didn’t want the pack to know of what an ass he is. A big stinky one. 

Adrian scoffed in response to my glare, “Are you going to use these pills again?” 

He raised the bottle of contraception I had been hiding under the mattress to my eye level and my heart leaped to my throat. 

I didn’t know that was the reason he suddenly jumped on me and kicked me repeatedly like I was a rag doll. How did he find those pills? 

My heart was pounding so fast I thought it would burst out of my chest. 

“I-I don’t want children. N-not now.” Despite my fear, I still managed to say what was on my mind. There’s no way I would get pregnant for this monster. 

“Lea… what did you say?” Adrian asked in a dangerously low voice. He tightened his hold on my hair, almost yanking it off its roots. It hurt like hell. 

“I said I don’t want children. I’m not ready.” I held my stance. I didn’t care if he ended up killing me today. No child of mine would have an abuser for a father. 

Without warning, Adrian suddenly slammed my head against the wall and I saw stars at the impact. A ringing sound resounded in my ears and I zoned out for a split second. 

Fuck. That hurt. 

“It’s not up to you to choose. You’re my Luna and I need an heir. It’s your duty.” 

I scoffed internally. Duty? I didn’t ask to be his Luna in the first place. 

A small sob escaped my lips and I realized I was crying. I was tired. How long would I stay like this? 

“Lea… shit. I’m sorry my love.” Adrian rushed to kneel beside me and held me in his arms. Instead of feeling safe and all tingly like normal mates do, I felt scared. Like a bug was crawling on my back, giving me goosebumps. 

“Shhhh… I’m sorry. I just got upset that you took pills without telling me. If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t punish you when you do wrong. It’s for your own good.” 

I felt bile rise up to my throat. He was sick. 

“Now, how about you be a good girl and take a bath? I’ll have Carly flush out the contraception from your system and then we can try again. I really want you to carry my children. Our children.” He said in a gentle voice but all I heard was a devil whispering in my ears. 

I’ll have his children over my dead body. 

After placing a kiss that disgusted me to the core on my forehead, Adrian stood up. 

“Get ready, we shall make love in thirty minutes.” He said with finality. 

I did not bother to look at him until I heard the door close. My heart was racing hearing that the pack witch would come to flush the contraception out of my system. 

There’s no way I can stay here. I would be trapped forever if I get pregnant. 

Adrian took me as his Luna five years ago when he was just taking his Alpha post from his father. I was supposed to be his Beta if I didn’t find my mate outside this pack but just when I was about to find him, Adrian forced his mark on me. 

From then on, I’ve been his slave. He would touch me however he wanted and beat me black and blue if I disobeyed him. 

When other Alphas came to visit, he would display me to them like a golden trophy. That’s another reason why he never touched my face. He loved to show me off. I would force a smile and serve those Alphas even when I had a few broken bones in my body. 

But trying to make me pregnant is not something I can just sit and wait to happen. I have to leave. Now, before he comes back.

I stood up with difficulty and walked towards the window. The house was a two-story building and I was injured so I couldn’t jump from the second floor. I have to think of something fast before Adrian comes back. 

The only reason I had been taking his abuse was because my parents were in this pack and they didn’t want to be rogues. Being rogues would mean losing control over our wolves and going feral. 

But perhaps I could convince them to run away with me. I will tell them the truth about how Adrian has been treating me. This was my only chance. 

I ran towards the closet and took out the bedsheets. I made a rope by tying the ends together and tested it by pulling it to check if it would hold. 

Adrian never allowed me to leave the room unless I had bodyguards with me so I have to leave through the window. 

After tying the rope to the window and making sure it was steady, I began to climb down using the wall for support.  

My heart was under my feet as I descended carefully. If Adrian caught me, I was as good as dead. He said he loved me but he was ruthless to me. 

When my feet finally hit the ground, relief washed over me. I made it. I’ll be free in a few minutes. 

I turned to run but my heart dropped to my feet when my gray eyes met deep golden-brown ones. 

But it was the next words that made my blood run cold. 

“Going somewhere, sweetheart?” 

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Abosede Orimoloye
Really psychopathic beast
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Interesting. Definitely Adrian is the abusive type.

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