02~ Parading females


He found me. 

But how?

Had he been waiting outside all along? Did he know I would try to run?

The sheer reality of how I may not escape this place hit me bad. Was this my fate? 

Being tied to a man who did not treat me right but didn’t want to let me go either?

It was exhausting. Maybe I should just give in and have children. Perhaps Adrian will stop inflicting pain on me. 

“Bitch!” I was thrown onto the bed roughly after being dragged back into the house. “How dare you? You’re trying to run away? To find your mate? Who would accept you with a mark on your neck, huh?” Adrian yelled at me, taking off his belt. 

My stomach churned. 

Oh goddess, no. Not again, please. 

“I-I’m s-sorry!” I said shakily, edging away from him. 

“Too late for that. I’ll teach you a lesson today. You will learn that I’m the only one who loves you and wants the best for you.” 

Adrian used his belt on me, whipping me like I was an animal. Well, I partly was but every living thing felt pain, right? No one deserved such treatment. 

When the belt broke, he got an iron bar and hit me with it, not caring about the blood splattering around. 

“Fuck! Why do you make me do this? Why? Should I kill one of your parents?” 

Hearing that, I crawled over to him and grabbed onto his leg, looking up at him with glassy eyes. 

 “I’ll behave. Adrian, please. Don’t touch my parents. I’ll do whatever you want.” My pleading voice echoed in the room. 

I felt pathetic and hated myself for being so weak.  How would I protect my child if I couldn’t even protect my parents?

Adrian stroked my hair in what would have been lovingly if it was coming from the right man. 

 “You see… life is so much easier if you’re obedient. Wash up and gather the unmated females. The youngest brother of the Salvatore family, the Mafia don, who is also the Alpha of the dark storm pack is looking for his mate. So he will be coming here with a few of his people.” 

I nodded my head as I resigned to my fate. At least I was still breathing. One day, I’ll find a way to escape.

It was twenty minutes later and I was in the kitchen instructing the Omegas to make some freshly squeezed juice. I had managed to bathe but didn’t get a chance to treat my wounds. Adrian had used a whip dipped in wolfsbane so the injuries wouldn’t heal on their own as fast as they normally would. 

“Luna Lea, is it true that the Alpha of the dark storm pack is looking for a mate? I heard he’s very handsome and rich-”

“And dangerous and not only is he a werewolf but they are also involved in the human underworld as a Mafia gang.” I interrupted Arissa who was the head Omega and in charge of the kitchen. 

“Well, Luna, what if I like dangerous men?” She said, her face flushing an adorable pink. 

“Careful what you wish for honey. I used to love dangerous men… bad boys made my panties wet. It was only after someone who used to be very kind turned bad that I had to wake up from that fantasy. It’s not fun at all.” I said, feeling sad all of a sudden. 

“Luna… I-”

I smiled at her and went to check on the cake. “I can take you to meet him if you like. You might just end up being his mate.” 

I was referring to Alpha Manuel. Since he was looking for a Luna, wouldn’t Arissa be ideal?

“But I’m an omega and he’s an Alpha.” 

“And so?” I said, turning and raising an eyebrow at her. “Just because Alpha’s get mated to Beta or Alpha females doesn’t mean an Omega can’t have an Alpha mate.”

“Really Luna? Do you really think it could be me?”

When I nodded, Arissa’s face beamed. 

“Then I’ll go prepare.” She said excitedly and was about to leave the kitchen when she stopped and fiddled with her fingers. “What if he really turns out to be my mate? I wouldn’t want to leave you here.” 

I chuckled in amusement. Arissa was a sweet girl. She had dark brown hair with brown eyes and a beautiful baby face with fair skin. I loved talking to her. 

 In a nutshell, she was the closest thing I had to a friend. Adrian chased away all my friends because of his possessiveness. 

“It’s ok. I want you to be happy. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” 

Arissa rushed to me and gave me a hug. I bit my lip, hiding the pain from my wounds. 

“Thank you, Luna.”

When she left, I sighed and began to cut the chocolate cake into small pieces. I especially made this flavor because Alpha Manuel loved chocolate. 

We used to go to the same academy together and through my observations, he always ate chocolate stuff. Chocolate muffins, chocolate cakes, chocolate drinks. 

A small smile graced my lips recalling my childhood. Things were simpler when we were young. I wondered why he was suddenly looking for a mate, did he finally decide to get a Luna?

Rumors said he fought his three brothers and won to become the Alpha of the most powerful pack in the Country. 

Everyone feared him. He rose to greater heights in a space of five years, ruling his pack with an iron fist. I also heard he killed his father who refused to hand the throne over to him. 

I didn’t believe those rumors. Which child would kill their own parent? But everyone lived in fear because of the Salvatore name. They dominated both the werewolf and the human underworld.

“Luna, you’ve overcut the cake,” Jessica one of the Omegas said to me and I looked down at my masterpiece. 

Damn it, I was so lost in thought I absentmindedly cut the cake into very small pieces. It didn’t look very presentable and as a Luna, I had to make sure everything was perfect. 

I looked at my watch and saw that we still had time.

 “I’ll make another one. Help me prep the ingredients.” 

Jessica immediately began to help me as I started working on another cake. For some reason, I was very nervous today. I didn’t know if it was because we would be visited by a dangerous and powerful Alpha or because of what would happen at night with Adrian. 

I felt jittery like a bride about to walk down the aisle. And why was I trying to make sure everything was perfect?

‘How far? Alpha Manuel has just crossed the border. You better receive him properly or I’ll deal with you later. Have you gathered the females?’

Adrian forced his voice into my head. I didn’t like him there but he would force his way in. 

‘Almost done and the girls are ready.’ 

I said, hating myself for parading females for a man to look at. If he wanted a mate, can’t he use a more respectful way to look for her?

‘Good, we should find you with refreshments waiting in the lounge. Don’t embarrass me. This is important.’ 

I rolled my eyes and didn’t reply. My dream was to become a programmer but here I am, serving egotistic Alphas. 

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